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Stress and Nutrition 101

Posted by Mackenzie Flick on

We expect a lot out of our bodies, but sometimes we don't give the same respect back. The poor choices we make with our nutrition, exercise routine, and lifestyle can deeply affect our overall health and emotions.


Anthony Apodaco, nutritionist and former athlete, understands the impact our choices have on our bodies and has dedicated his career to helping others feel and look their best. Mindful nutrition is the key to our health and wellness, but managing stress levels is an equal part of the equation and must be approached hand-in-hand.



A major influence that affects our bodies is our emotional well being. Stress and anxiety is at an all time high in today's society. Over 7 million Americans suffer from anxiety and the impacts on our health are outstanding. Cancer, obesity, heart disease and high blood pressure are just a few of the health hazards influenced by stress.


There are natural alternatives on the market to help you better handle your stress response without resorting to pharmaceuticals. Anthony has been a long time user himself of natural calming products such as l-theanine, GABA, and magnesium. He uses Take 5 because it encompasses all the necessary calming components in one delivery system.



Anthony has integrated Take 5 into his program to help reduce his clients stress levels. His clients have found it easier to reach their fitness and health goals, simply by integrating stress management tools into their nutritional program.


Chronic stress is a major concern and is something that affects all of us. With appropriate meal planning, supplement knowledge, and stress management, you can start feeling your best every day. No more being tired, sluggish, and sick! 



Anthony offers a diverse and expert set of nutritional tools. Initial consultations are $75, but if you mention Take 5, he will waive the initial fee! Take control of your life.


He may be reached at or 818-633-3006. Learn more at