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Nutrition and Take 5, a mind and body connection

Posted by Mackenzie Flick on


Meet Anthony Apodaco. He is a holistic nutritionist and a former San Diego Chargers football player. Anthony has over 250 clients all over the nation. We have been working with Anthony in implementing Take 5 into his nutritional program.


The benefits have been outstanding and he is a user himself. We have so many ways that we take care of our bodies, but sometimes we forget the take care of our minds and mental health. The mind and body connection is so incredibly powerful and they work hand in hand. What we have found is that by implementing relaxation and calm into his nutrition programs, his clients overall health have improved, it's easier to lose weight, and an overall higher sense of happiness has been expressed.


Our bodies are a reflection of the stress that we place on it. Stress holds onto fat, makes us sick, and creates anxiety and depression.  As we start placing more emphasis on taking care of our minds, our lives and bodies significantly improve. 


There are many ways to create calm in our lives. As Anthony explains, our gut and what we put in it affect our mood and happiness. Creating a more nutritious lifestyle will help you naturally produce GABA, serotonin and dopamine.  Participating in meditation, exercise, and other creative activities promotes a calm state of mind. Take 5 is a gateway to create that sense of calm and reduce anxieties in those moments when life comes at you.


As promised, Anthony is available at and his website is! Be sure to mention Take 5!