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Anxiety Relief in Los Angeles

Posted by Nick Anderson on

Los Angeles is super chill, right? People surf all day, everyone is pretty, everyone is fit, marijuana is legal... what could possibly stress people out?


Well for starters, there's a highway called the 405. It's a freekin' nightmare. It's the reason why people set their Bumble and Tinder match radius at 1 or 2 miles max. If you want to convince someone to drive from West Hollywood to Manhattan Beach, you better have a damn good reason.


LA Driving Anxiety


But that's just traffic, lots of people are happy staying in their own little bubble, right? Nope. How the heck are you supposed to be happy when everyone is a little younger, a little skinnier, a little wealthier? I hate to break it to you, but pretty people and rich people have anxiety too, apparently. 


LA Problems

Don't worry, we have a solution that's cheaper than Xanax, more legal than drugs, less addicting than cigarettes or alcohol... and you can take it in front of your co-workers, kids, fiends, frienemies, and enemies. 


Take 5 is a 2oz drink designed to fight anxiety, relieve stress, and help your mind and body achieve a zen-like state. You can find our product online (on this website, as luck may have it), or in select retailers in LA like Equinox, Vicente Foods, Urban Fitness, and a ton of other places, so keep an eye out. Or just buy it here.


If you're interested in carrying Take 5 in your store, please contact us at and a member of sales team will contact you, lickety split... we'll probably reply in less time than it takes you to drive from WeHo to Manhattan Beach.