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5 Things That Calm People Do Differently

Posted by Nick Anderson on

It's ok to do nothing once in a while. In fact, that's precisely what we recommend in this article. Sleep, unplug, breathe... you already do these things every day. We're simply providing tips on how to REALLY let go and embrace the awesomeness of unwinding. 



1. Plan Out Your Day :


Invest 10 minutes every morning, simply organizing your thoughts and planning out your day. The video below lays out one woman's strategy to stay organized and efficient throughout her day. Follow her advice and you'll spend less time worrying about the million things floating around in the back of your mind, and spend more time doing the things that make you happy.   



2. Breathe :


Well, everyone breathes, but calm people do it better. So put on some PJ's, sit in the comfiest chair in the house, and watch this video. It will be the least productive 10 minutes of your day (you literally just sit and breathe), but you'll be feeling calm as can be after. And at least it will be 10 minutes without political rants on social media. 



3. Take a Vacation :


You deserve a break. Everyone has different reasons NOT to take a vacation (kids, work, tight on funds). We urge you to plan ahead and make it a priority... even if it's a day trip or a quick weekend visiting friends and family. 

Treat yourself to time away from your daily routine and you will return refreshed and energized. You'll gain new perspectives, strengthen relationships, reduce stress, and lower your risk of burning out. Oh, and you'll probably have fun! 



4. Unplug :


Seriously people, put down your freekin' smart phone (after you're done reading this article). The earth will continue it's journey around the sun and the internet will still be filled with memes and angry political commentary when you plug back in.



5. Sleep :


Sleep deprivation seems to be a badge of honor these days, somehow validating hard work and success. Bull-shizzle. Sleep is the best, we all love to sleep! But getting 8 hours a night is easier said than done in this hyperactive world. Here's a short list of reasons why you should stop bragging about the bags under your eyes and start to actually get 8 hours of sleep every night.

  • Sharper brain : Ample sleep your power of recall, making it easier to remember tasks, facts and easier to get things accomplished.
  • Stronger muscles : Sleep allows your body to heal damage done to your cells and tissues, and helps you build strong sexy muscles. 
  • Better sex : Sleep deprivation lowers your libido. And lots of sleep increases testosterone levels, which boosts sexual drive for men. You too ladies, more sleep = more friskiness.
  • Stress reduction : Getting a good night's rest helps to lower blood pressure and keep stress hormones in check. Side note... high blood pressure can also cause cell degeneration, which speeds up the aging process. 




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