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5 Reasons Why Take 5 is Better Than Wine (when you need to relax)

Posted by Nick Anderson on

Let's be honest, after a long day of work, it's tough to beat a great glass of wine. And red wine has antioxidants, so it's basically health food, right? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news here, but for all of the positives, there are some downsides to wine.

1. You Can't Drink Wine at Work : Work is stressful... if it wasn't stressful, they wouldn't need pay you to show up everyday. Unfortunately, unless you're a professional sommelier, your boss probably wouldn't be too thrilled to see you drinking wine on the job. Take 5, on the other hand, comes in a simple little 2 ounce bottle, perfectly acceptable at work.


2. Sleep Deficiency : Most people feel sleepy after drinking wine. This happens because alcohol isn't digested... it moves straight through your tummy and small intestine, right into your bloodstream. Once alcohol gets into the bloodstream, it goes into every cell of the body, depressing cellular activity (source #science). But this sleepy feeling is short-lived. One or more glasses of wine bedtime actually winds up causing lighter sleep versus deeper, more restful sleep. Take 5 on the other hand, is made from natural ingredients like L-Theanine that help the body relax.


3. Weight Gain : One 5 ounce glass of wine has about 100 calories. So while a couple glasses of wine isn't the end of the world, drinking is linked to increased snacking and decreased exercising. Half a bottle of wine everyday for a week adds up to 2,000 (mostly nutrient-free) calories. Take 5 has zero calories and is made from natural ingredients.


4. Purple Teeth : Yep, red wine stains your teeth purple. When you're trying to relax, do you really want to worry about what your teeth look like, or take the time to drink through a straw? That takes all the fun out of it. Take 5 is made from natural ingredients. Put the wine wipes away, your smile will stay just as pearly white as ever.


5. It's Bad For Your Skin :  First, alcohol is a notorious dehydrator and diuretic (gross), which explains many of your hangover symptoms and why your skin is dull and dry. It hard on your liver which can make your skin look sallow and pasty. And it’s a vasodilator, which means it widens the blood vessels, particularly in your face, which makes you look red and puffy.


Sooooooo... next time you need to unwind after a stressful day, grab a bottle of Take 5 instead of the bottle of wine. Your body will thank you for it.