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Dealing with Flight Anxiety

Posted by Amelia Kwok on

Flight Anxiety


If you have a fear of flying, there might be several things you’re scared about like being trapped in a small space for so long or the plane crashing. Flying phobias leading to flight anxiety are one of the most common phobias and millions of people have to deal with it. Some people even avoid flying due to their fear and anxiety!


But don’t worry, there’s always tips and tricks to make flying more tolerable. Here at Take5, our relaxation drink, would be one of the tricks to calm your flight anxiety. Designed to relieve stress and reduce pressure, Take5 gives you a healthy way to relax. What better way to calm your frazzled nerves as you’re sitting on a plane nervously shaking your legs than a shot of relaxation?

Besides from Take5 though, we want to also give you some other tips on how to understand and deal with your flight anxiety!


1) Name your fear


Flight Anxiety


Figuring out the exact reason why flying gives you anxiety is the first step to conquering it. Everyone has different fears and different triggers to that feeling. For example, one person might be afraid of turbulence and feel anxious during a completely normal take-off while another is just scared of being in a small space for so long. Finding out the exact reason can help you think through the fear more logically and hopefully make you realize it’s an irrational fear!

2) Lower anxiety before getting on the plane


Flight Anxiety


Sometimes people get really worked up right before getting on, but using methods to lower your own anxiety can help. Make sure to not drink anything with too much caffeine because it could actually increase your anxiety if you do. Listen to some calming music like meditation or yoga tracks. Another thing that helps is to just take deep breaths in and out slowly.

3) Do some research


Flight Anxiety Research


If you’re worried about turbulence and all the movement and noises that come along with it, you should do a little reading about it before going on the plane! Learning what really happens during turbulence and what kinds of things are normal during it could really help calm your nerves when you hear the things you’ve read about during the plane ride. Think back to when you were young and you’d hear something tapping on your window. You probably got scared right? But going up to look out your window the next day, you realize it’s just the wind blowing a tree branch into your window. It’s the same concept here! Learning about your fear can definitely help you be on your way to conquering it!

These are just a few tips on how to deal with flight anxiety, but there’s many more! Check out these sites where people write about their own experiences with flight anxiety and how they deal with it: