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What's l-theanine? Why should I take it?

Posted by Mackenzie Flick on

What’s l-theanine? Exactly my point! I don’t understand how this natural supplement is such a secret in our lives. It’s time to get the word out and start helping people better deal with their stress and anxieties.


L-theanine is an amino acid derived from green tea leaves and has been a popular supplement in Japan since 1964 after its approval for unlimited use in foods, beverages, and other supplements. It has the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier and promote brain alpha wave production. So why is that important?


First, let’s chat a little science and learn about brain waves. Brain waves are synchronized electrical pulses created from neurons communicating with each other. All of our thoughts, emotions and behaviors are rooted from these communications. Brain waves change based on how we are feeling and range from low to high frequencies; lowest frequencies being when you are sleeping. Alpha brain waves, a state of relaxed awareness, are responsible for boosting mood and cognitive performances. Neuroscientists have made a correlation between an increased level of alpha brain waves and the reduction of depressive symptoms and increase of creative thinking.[1] Practicing mindfulness and meditation, relaxation, and even aerobic exercise places the brain at this calm and collective state. On the contrary, beta and gamma brain waves, which are present when we are in a high-alert state of mind, are linked to depression and anxiety.


So now we know a little about brain waves, we may now understand why it may be favorable to live in a more “alpha brain wave” state of mind; alpha representing calm, present, and mindful behavior. This is why we want l’theanine in our lives! It’s a natural substance that promotes alpha brain waves, it’s non-drowsy, and has many benefits with unlimited reasons to use it. Here are just a handful of popular uses:


Popular uses for l-theanine:


1. General daily use- helps decrease anxiety and stress through daily supplemental use.


2. Drink with Coffee- this is the most popular combination, helps eliminate the caffeine jitters. Prevents the coffee crash we all know too well.


3. Electrolyte Drink for pre and post boozing– l-theanine has been proven to remove alcohol from your blood quicker. When you combine l-theanine with an electrolyte drink, you are speeding up the hangover process.


4. Pre-yoga supplement– helps calm the mind to improve ones yoga and meditation experience.


5. Weight loss– stress holds on to fat, enough said.


6. PMS Symptoms- helps reduce emotional and depressive behaviors, as well as mood swings. 


7. Social settings- more people suffer from social anxiety than you would believe! This assists you in feeling more calm and confident in social settings.


Take 5 Drink is a blend of natural calming ingredients with l-theanine as the main star of the show. It’s in a small, portable 2oz bottle that can easily be thrown into your bag or purse. It has lasting effects up to 4 hours. I understand all too well how stressful the work environment can be, so take it to the office when you know you have that extra stressful day ahead of you. It has helped me focus better on my tasks on hand and produce more quality work. Check it out, it could really help you live a more calm and productive life!